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Concrete Deliveries Barnsley

At AB mix we work hard to make sure we deliver our concrete at the exact time you need it. All our concrete is mixed at our ready mixed concrete plant in Barnsley and delivered in time slots to suit our clients requirements.

From our own experience, we know that nothing is more frustrating or costly than waiting for a delivery of material with both men and machines standing idle on site. That’s why at AB Mix we make it our number one priority to work as closely as possible with our clients to help us to deliver their concrete on time and to their specification.

AB Mix specialise in delivering high quality Ready Mix Concrete directly to your location in loads from 0.25m3 to 8m3. Our high capacity mixing plant is capable of producing 40m3 per hour which is up to 400m3 daily. We deliver to any site within a 20 mile radius from our facility in Carlton industrial estate in Barnsley.

We produce hundreds of different concrete mixes including air entrained, rapid set, reinforced, water reduced, pumped and 10mm and many more.

Having spent many years in the construction industry, we know first hand how frustrating it is when concrete isn’t delivered on time as its time consuming and costly.

Here at AB Mix we believe that communication is KEY. There is plenty of communication between our sales team and our batching office, which enables us not to over book, so we understand how frustrating it can be when you order concrete and it doesn't arrive on time.

The Right Mix at the Right Time !

Having spent many years in the construction industry, we know just how frustrating, time consuming and costly it can be when materials are delivered late or when they do not meet the required specifications.

This is especially important with the supply of ready mixed concrete because work on site often has to stop completely until a delivery arrives.

All mixes can be tailored to suit your exact specifications. From ready mixed concrete for screed floors or foundations and footings, use our concrete calculator to calculate the quantity you need or call us on 01226 781239

Concrete Barnsley

We cater for all types of construction projects
  • Large commercial / domestic or industrial sites
  • Small home projects and DIY
  • Pumped contracts
At AB Mix our motto is The Right Mix at the Right Time. We concentrate all of our efforts to make sure thatís exactly what we deliver to our clients, a reliable, high quality service that will save them both time and money.


Our services include production of hundreds of different concrete mixes including are entrained, rapid set, reinforced, water reduced, pump, 10mm and many more...

» Over 30 years experience in the concrete industry.

» We have a very skilled & vastly experienced team.

» Quality products & quality finish.

» New, innovative & a competitive player in the market.

» Open 6 days a week.

» Operating in South Yorkshire & surrounding areas.

Air Entrained Concrete
AB mix are able to supply entrained concrete which provides resistance to freez-thaw damage and surface scaling which is typically caused by de-icing salts and other chemicals.
Water Resistant Concrete
AB mix are able to supply water reduced concrete mixes which can be used to increase slump, lower the water-cement ratio or reduce the cement contents of mixes to our client specifications.
Pumped Concrete
AB mix pumped concrete service is ideal for projects in hard to reach places as it allows us to delivery concrete to exactly where its needed on the construction site.